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Details Principles and Applications of Polarization-Division Interferometry

Principles and Applications of Polarization Division Interferometry Polarization division interferometry is a technique for "fingerprinting" samples. The technique can be used for applications that conventional spectroscopy techniques can not perform ...

42,00 EUR*
Details The European Union: Economy, Society, and Polity

The European Union Covers the issues of competitiveness, cohesion, ageing, migration, employment and social polarization, enlargement, and the emergence of regionalism and nationalism. This textbook is an introduction to economic, social and political ...

11,00 EUR*
Details Opticum LTP 04 H Twin LNB (geeignet für Satelliten-Receiver)

Technische Daten - Noise figure: 0,1 dB - Polarization: linear H/V - Input freq. from: 10,7 GHz - Input freq. to: 12,75 GHz - Feed diameter: 40 mm - Water protection - With receivers - For up to: 2

16,00 EUR*
Details Dangerous Convictions: What's Really Wrong With The U.S. Congress

The rhetoric of the 2012 presidential campaign exposed the deeply rooted sources of political polarization in American. One side celebrated individualism and divided the public into "makers and takers;" the other preached "better together" as the path ...